Interview with Vivre Active Wear, by IntheLoop

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Vivre is an online active wear apparels store designed for daily wear, gym, yoga, and other light to medium impact sports. It was first launched in April 2014, and had since garnered a community of yogis and fitness enthusiasts raving about their apparels. Read on our interview with the founder of Vivre Active Wear below:

ITL: Tell us the story of Vivre Active Wear?

Sylvia (Vivre Active Wear): I started my workout and yoga regime two years ago, and am always finding myself looking at the pretty and comfy apparels hanging on the racks. But they are definitely not the most affordable apparels for a young working adult like myself, needless to say, students.

There are pocket-friendly alternatives popping out in malls, but the shape and stretch factor tends to run off after a few washes. That’s the reason why I started researching in bridging this gap between quality and affordability.

Bridging the Gap Small

ITL: Share with us what does Vivre means?

It is a French word, often used in the phrase “Joie De Vivre”, which translate to “Joy of Living”. I’ve brainstormed so long for a suitable brand name before stumbling upon this word, and the meaning of “Vivre” instantly sums up why I started this humble dream. Instead of holding on to my previous job which gives me a relatively good and stable income, I’ve come to realize life should be a little more than that.

ITL: Where are your apparels from?

Designs and detailed instructions are relayed by us, while manufacturing and packing are done in China. We will do the final quality check on our side. No secrets about that, and I’m proud we are working with our roots with no communication barriers.

ITL: Share with us some unique features of your apparels?

The cutting of our apparels are designed taking into consideration of Asian women’s bust, hip, width ratio. And this means a better fit for Asian ladies’ body shape. Most of our tops comes with built-in bra so that there is no need to wear another layer of bra and worrying about unsightly straps! Besides those details, the quick-drying and stretch factor is something we look into too.

Tie String Shorts

ITL: What sets Vivre Active Wear apart from the other Yoga brands out there?

What differs us from many other active wear stores you see in Singapore is that we design and manufacture our own apparels from scratch. We did thought of doing consignments for popular brands in the market which would be much more hassle free, but that could not fulfil our initial purpose of wanting to create quality workout apparels with friendly price tags.

As a local brand, we try to build a rapport with local customers through social media and direct mails. We monitor our customers’ preference and feedback closely, and try our best to cater to their needs; such as having a flexible return and exchange policies.

ITL: Do you have any tips on what to look out for in buying Yoga/workout apparels?

For deep stretching and breathing exercises, it is important to not wear overly tight sports bra or pants so that restrict your movement or breathing. Tank tops and running shorts that are loose fitting are not suitable too as they tend to run about when we bend. For active tights and pants, do take note on unsightly camel-toes, translucency, and whether it rides up during workouts.

Full Length Active Tights

ITL: How frequent are your launches?

Our active wear designs are pretty basic and do not out of style like fashion wear do. Sometimes ideas are overwhelming, and I really hope to manufacture more designs. We are working towards the day when more people learns about Vivre. With stocks running a little faster, we will then be able to bring in an even wider variety for you ladies. And this, we really need your help to spread out brand name for us. ;)

ITL: Do you plan on getting a physical store?

We have received many queries on this. Unfortunately, owning a store front equals to large expenses and manpower, which we aren’t ready for it. Good news though, is that we are constantly working on getting a small rack space in shops or studios. If all goes well, we will be announcing something end of November about our pop-up rack (Edited; pop-up rack is now up at Tirisula Shop, read more here). Stay tune by signing up for our mailing list or following us on Instagram @vivreactivewear!

Vivre Active Wear Range

ITL: What were some obstacles or setback you faced along the way?

From manufacturing defects, stock count, unfriendly people, to lost mails. Anything can go wrong, and they will never stop coming. Even though it is so nerve-racking every time such issues occur, I just got to keep picking myself up, finding a solution if there is. And if there isn’t, we just got to move on. We are just very thankful to have the support and appreciative notes from customers, and these are what that kept us going strong.

ITL: Lastly, what can we expect from Vivre Active in 2015?

It’s already coming to the end of 2014, and we do not have big plans and ambitions for the time being. Or rather, we try not to over-promise things that we are not 100% sure of delivering yet.

Besides our usual social media campaigns, we are also working towards collaborations with local start-ups and studios that would like to work with us. Crossing our fingers to make 2015 an exciting one!


*All photos and texts are extracted from IntheLoop’s website.