Juice Cleanse Review: Beauty Cleanse

Juice cleansing has been on the hype for the past two years. On and off I did thought of giving it a try, but half of me just didn’t believe in juice fasting and another half didn’t think I’ll have the determination to survive on merely liquid because my cravings for food is always quite intense. Haha!

Why am I trying it now?

My diet has gone from super strict (about 4-5 years back) to pretty slacked now. I used to be able to eat salad without dressings and fruits all day but I guess I’ve gave in to my taste buds so much this three years I even dislike my veggies now. Yup, so I’m taking this three days juice cleanse to kill some daily cravings and to rekindle my love for healthy tastes.

Why Beauty Cleanse?


There have been lots and lots of juice cleansing companies popping up, and I’m sure many of them has got their own selling points. In fact, many of their packaging looks so exquisite and gorgeous I’m so tempted to try more if I survive this time and actually feel real benefits.

I’m giving my virgin juice cleanse to Beauty Cleanse because I had previous been working with them and tried their juices during one of their events. So guess it will be easier if I have tasty juices to look forward to? Plus they have a support and guidance system which is gonna be helpful for a first timer like me. Anytime when you have questions or doubts, your appointed care adviser is just a whatsapp away!

3 Days Skinny Genes Package

It was not stated on their website in detail what juices you will receive. I have asked Boon from Beauty Cleanse if they change their concoction from time to time, and he mentioned that the flavors are pretty much fixed if you opt for the same package. So here it is, if you would like to know what to expect. ;)

I gave my favorites a * beside them.

Beauty Cleanse Vivre 3

From left to right:

Carrot + Tomato + Celery*

Apples + Cucumber + Ginger + Romaine + Celery

Black Sesame + Honey*

Beauty Cleanse Vivre 2

Honey + Lemon + Cayenne Pepper*

Watermelon + Coconut + Mint

Cucumber + Honey + Lemon + Mint

Some questions you might have in mind..

Beauty Cleanse Vivre 4

Does juice cleanse help in weight loss?

You can loose about 1-2kg in three days, and will feel significant inches off your waist as all you consumed was liquid. But such weight loss seen on the weighing scale and measuring tape is only a temporary effect if you do not keep up with a healthy diet after the juice cleanse.

Does it keep me full throughout the days?

Your stomach will be full, but mentally, you might feel empty. It was harder than I thought to control the mind from thinking about munching on food. I had to incorporate my daily soya milk (sugar-free) and hot veggie soup to keep my brain sane. Can’t afford it to stop being productive during work.

Beauty Cleanse Vivre 5

Did you feel any benefits after the three days?

As I mentioned, I did incorporate other healthy treats in between the juices and thus did not manage to finish all 6 bottles per day (I consumed about 4 bottles each day). The biggest benefit was that I felt light and happy without eating what is simply served on the table. Right after the juice cleanse, even salad, fruits and fish soup feels like comfort food to me. So yay to no much cravings for fries, burgers, and other oily/sweet treats!

Any adverse effects you felt during this three days?

The first day was the hardest because your body didn’t know what to expect, it was a little hard to concentrate on work. Except for that, I did not experience any adverse effects. Bowels are normal.. Energy level are normal (except that I felt lighter). The second and third days were better as you know you are already halfway through it. You are also familiar with how each bottle will taste like, and can choose them according to your preference throughout the day.

My partner felt less comfortable with it and had some post detox syndrome such as diarrhea and feeling a little weak. I consulted Boon from Beauty Cleanse, and he mentioned that its because of the colosan powder. Some people are very receptive to it and its part of the detoxifying process.

How long can you keep the juices for?

It is recommended to consume them within 3 days. If you are opting for the 5 days juice cleanse, Beauty Cleanse will deliver the last two days on a separate trip!

Boon had advised me that should I not be able to finish my juices, I can still keep them for another day. Their juices does not contain any preservatives and thus are no longer good to consume after the fourth day.

Any tips for first timers?

After going straight into a three days juice cleanse, I personally recommend people to try out a one day juice cleanse before committing (or share a three days juice cleanse with your friends). Beauty cleanse does offer one day cleanses here. Reason being, you never know your tolerance for such healthy tastes, you would’t want to order a three or five days cleanse and waste the remaining bottles halfway through.

Getting a partner or family member to go through it with you will be a great help. At least you are not the only one missing out the evil food and you have a “meal” partner!

Will you try it again?

I find it more beneficial if I incorporate these healthy juices into my diet regularly then a “strict cleanse”. For my next try, I might purchase a one-day cleanse and space it out into three days. Meaning I substitute one meal out of each day with juices! Am already thinking of getting the nut-milk series from them!

Lastly, Beauty Cleanse has just launched their Beauty and Belle programme. It is a premier loyalty programme that takes an active and holistic approach to your wellness – physical, spiritual and mental. Do check them out at www.beauty-cleanse.com for more information.

If you have any other queries, feel free to contact them at +65 93717949 or email [email protected] You can also feel free to email me [email protected] should there be anything you would like to clarify further on my review! (:

Signing off,

Sylvia, Vivre Active Wear