Lift Your Way To A Strong Back!

Have you seized the first half of 2016?

If you have, good on you! Keep it steady and strong!

If you haven’t, it’s all still good!
There are unchartered territories and infinite possibilities yet explored (;

Now! Let’s get down to business.

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These days, everyone is all about staying active and keeping our mind and body sharp!
No doubt, there is a plethora of options to choose from!
As much as I practice a lot of Yoga, it’s great to mix things up with cycling and circuit training.

That said, today, I’d like to take you back to some good ol’ iron and grind. 


Ladies! How many of you have gone to a public, mixed-gender gym and felt
A. Intimidated
B. Self-conscious
C. Inadequate
D. Clueless about what to do
E. All the above and more

… and you end up not really being able to focus on your workout?

Well, I give you HerLifts Active Room.

Designed by women for women, HerLifts was founded by Jacqui Heng
based on three basic principles:

1. Train Smart
2. Eat Well
3. To Love & Spread the Inspiration

“We are determined to motivate and empower
every woman who is searching for
the most beautiful version of themselves.”
– Jacqui Heng

Totally hear you girl!

Team Vivre recently had the chance to meet up with Jacqui to learn a few
simple and effective exercises to strengthen that sexy back!

1. TRX L-Sit Pull-Up

Step 1: Sit directly below the anchor point of the TRX
Grab onto the handles with your palms facing each other, also known as adopting a neutral grip.

Shot #1

Step 2: Bring your heels in and keep your knees bent for the rest of the exercise
If you’re looking for a challenge, adopt the straight-legged variation pictured below. (Don’t be scared girl!)

Shot #3Shot #2
Whichever option you pick, stick to it and keep digging your heels into the ground!

Step 3: Initiate the pull-up movement by bending your elbows and
pull yourself up until your chin is above your hands

Insta Choice 1
Remember to keep your toes flexed and heels in contact with the ground!

Complete one rep by sitting back down on the floor, keep your legs in whichever variation you picked earlier! 

Shot #4
The main muscle worked in this exercise are your Latissimus Dorsi, commonly referred to as lats. 

2. Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows

Step 1: Grab a pair of dumbbells and have your palms face each other

Shot #6

Step 2: With a dumbbell in each hand, bend your knees slightly and drive your hips backwards
Imagine you’re trying to sit down on a chair!

Keep going until your torso is almost parallel to the ground.
The weights should hang perpendicularly from your arms to the ground.

Important note: keep your torso locked in this position for the rest of the exercise!

Shot #7
Be sure to keep your palms facing each other at all times for maximum muscle activation!

Step 3: Pull the dumbbells close to your chest and keep your elbows in contact with your torso

Shot #8
Once at the top position (above), squeeze your elbows into your torso and hold for one second!

Complete the rep by lowering the dumbbells down and
remember to keep your torso in its locked position!

The main muscles worked in this exercise are those in the mid-back region.
They’re also responsible for making sure your spine doesn’t snap when you try to pick something off the ground (;

Common Mistake: Flopping the elbows out to the sides

Don’t chicken out on this exercise, keep bringing your elbows close to you!

Stitch 2

3. Superman

Oh Clarke Kent… you’re my hero…

Oh wait, I uh… got a little distracted! 

Step 1: Begin by lying belly-down on the ground

Shot #11Your arms and legs should be fully extended, respectively at shoulder and hip width apart. 

Step 2: Simultaneously lift your chest, arms and legs off the ground and hold for 2 seconds

Shot #12
Squeeeeeze! Don’t forget to breathe!

Common mistake: Hyper-flexing the neck by trying to look up

Keep your chin tucked in to ensure your neck is in line with your spine at all times!

Stitch 1Your lower back muscles are gonna get fired up in this exercise. Remember to maintain good form!

Now we don’t wanna just give you the how-to,
we want you to experience it for yourself, because…

HerLifts Active Room is giving away FREE CLASS PASSES!

Simply chalk up $80 nett and above in a single transaction
at Vivre’s Bugis Junction outlet*,
you receive not one, but TWO passes! 

Gather your tribe and spread the word! What are you waiting for?

 Till the next time, stay woke and aware (:


*Not applicable for current HerLifts members