A Night of Dance & Decadence – SLAP Showdown 2016


SLAP Showdown 2016 – Amazing show ladies!
Photography by Ryan Wong, @photoparjaune

What comes to your mind when you think about pole dancing?

Well, I for one thought that pole dancing was just simply floating around on a pole looking pretty.
And then I tried it out once recently, but hey, let’s save that story for another day (;

Now, I can tell you without a doubt that it’s one difficult sport!
From executing technique to maintaining a beautiful smile on your face,
all while looking as graceful as can be, not forgetting
the real risk of a bad grip and actually falling off the pole!

Recently, Vivre was part of SLAP Dance Studio’s annual amateur pole dance competition, SLAP Showdown.
We had the chance to speak to 2 of SLAP’s members, Tristen and Jing Yi.
Here’s what they had to say about their own pole dancing journey!

Vivre Activewear: What was your initial motivation to get into pole dancing, and what made you stick to it?

SLAP with space
The initial interest was always lingering, however, I didn’t get down to do it until,
as cliche as it sounds but the truth was, I finally got down to it after a break up with my partner.
That really got me going and set me on my journey! 

 Jingyi (right):
My initial exposure to pole dancing was through a pole dancing event that my friend brought me to.
I was so impressed 
with the pole dancers. What they were able to do, the sort of confidence
and strength 
they showcased whilst they were performing. I was impressed and intrigued so
I decided 
to give it a try. I never expected it to turn into such a big part of my life!
To me, it is a perfect 
combination of grace and strength, blending together
the elements of fitness and dance, 
and that is what I love most about it.

VA: What was the hardest struggle you faced initially, and how did you overcome it?

T: When I started, the biggest struggle for me was to be open and free with bodily expression.
I found it to be a mental battle to just “let go” and just be in the moment!
I remember telling myself not to overthink it and gradually,
I managed to build up my self-confidence. Honestly, it’s all in the head

J: For me, the dance element of pole dancing has been more challenging as I started
without any dance or gymnastic background.
At the same time, it’s always
the learning journey that makes it worthwhile. I believe that
struggles lead to perfection as long as there is determination to keep going.
With that said, learning pole dancing does not require you to have a prior dance background!

VA: What is the most common reaction you receive when people find out that you do pole dancing, and what is your response?

2016-06-27-PHOTO-00000039Tristen in Accent Sports Bra (Bloom) 

T: I have to say, I’m lucky that most of the response I received was positive!
However, there are instances of sheer, snide remarks. I believe it’s simply due to
the lack of awareness that pole dancing is a sport, and not some sleazy activity
that societal stereotypes make it out to be.

Most of the time, their misunderstandings about the sport dissolves when
they see the pure joy in my eyes as I tell them about pole dancing.
I just gotta show them my Instagram videos and they get that there’s nothing sleazy about it!

J: While it’s true that people are more open-minded these days, me picking up pole dancing came as
more of a surprise for my family and friends. As time passed, they come to see that
pole dancing is an exquisite art form as well as a great fitness routine.
In essence, it is a form of exercise, and there is no need to further justify it.

VA: Tell us about the most memorable experience you had since you began pole dancing!

T: While I have yet to have an over the top kind of experience,
I’m very pleased with what I see in the mirror everyday!
The toned arms, tummy and thighs – all an accomplishment to me!
It’s amazing how the sport can shape you up in a relatively short period of time.

SlapShowdown182Jingyi pictured in Vivre’s Warrior Sports Bra (Brink Pink), with this year’s 1st Runner Up
Photography by Ryan Wong, @photoparjaune

J: Overall, I strongly feel that pole dancing is an empowering sport.
Any misjudgement is left at the door and everyone simply dances!
Pole dancers practice hard for the passion of the sport itself. We practice hard
to improve on our tricks, our lines, our flow and our form. It is never easy; aches and bruises
are a part of pole dancing, but we just keep coming back for more.

VA: Lastly, what would you say to those who are interested to try pole dancing, but for some reason haven’t tried it?

T: Life is really short and unpredictable.
If you have thought about doing it, take that first step,
book yourself a class and just do it!

J: Exactly! Just take a little leap of faith! It really is an incredible experience.
You will find yourselves surrounded by people who are incredibly passionate about the sport.
Last but definitely not the least, you’d be surprised at how much you can do.  


And there you have it – take a leap of faith indeed! Here’s a little nudge for you!

SLAP Dance Studio is offering a 1-for-1 Pole OR Striptease trial class at just $15!
Tell your best friend and get down to it today!

Drop an email to [email protected] with the subject “Vivre Trial Promo” and chope your pole or sexy chair today!

Once again, big thank you for SLAP Dance Studio for having us as a part of SLAP Showdown 2016. 

Keep your eyes peeled for that story on how our first pole dancing class went (;

Till the next time, stay strong, bold and beautiful!

 Sherilyn, Yogi and guest writer at Vivre Active