Featuring: Yogi @Hanadoesyoga

As much as I want to emphasize our apparels are suitable for a whole range of light-medium impact sports, we always find ourselves featuring photographs of yogis. Just because the shape they create with their body really bring out the features of our apparels. Me too, do not know how to simply pose for the camera without striking a “yoga” pose now.

Few weeks back, we had the honor to join in the photoshoot with photographer Anwar (@yoshianwar) and yogi Hana (@hanadoesyoga) for a magazine. Made it sports hub on a scorching hot day (thankfully there was no rain) and am glad it was all worth it + filled with laughter. Below is a sneak peak of the shots. Can’t get hold of others because of the exclusivity issues.

I can’t emphasize more on how beautiful the colors, angles, etc turned out to be. Not the usual posts we have on our Instagram!


Outfit featured: Vivre Basic Tank Top, Full Length Active Tights – Galaxy Pink

Chakrasana, Wheel pose variation


Outfit Featured: Inter-cross Tank Top, Full Length Active Tights – Marine Blue

Svarga Dvidasana, Bird of Paradise


Outfit featured: Yoga pawsVivre Basic Tank Top, Full Length Active Tights – Galaxy Pink

Astavakrasana, Eight angle pose.


Do drop us an email at [email protected] if you are interested in featuring our apparels in other sports!

*Btw, yoga paws are such a great invention for yogis who like to bring it outdoors! Yoga Paws are non-slip yoga gloves worn on your hands or feet, staying true to their logo “The Yoga Mat You Wear.” YogaPaws function perfectly on any surface, keeping you secure in every yoga pose.

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