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If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’d know that we’ve been holding back a little on something big!

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You spoke, and we heard you. 

Presenting our new range of Yoga Accessories: Cork Mats and Blocks! 
Of course we’re gonna give you the lowdown on these accessories.
All be revealed in our next post (;

For today, we have something exciting to announce! 
We recently reached a partnership milestone with up and coming studio, Yoga+,
who gave us the
 the honour of furnishing the brand new studio with our new accessories!
We think it looks perfect on their hardwood floors (;

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Introducing Yoga+

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Recently launched by none other than power trio Angeline Yeo, Suffian Thuri and Dr. Bianca Pereche-Gamboa,
Yoga+ (read as yoga plus) was born out of the desire to create a holistic space that goes beyond the physical realm of yoga. 

What does that mean? 

There is a common misunderstanding, or rather,
the lack of understanding that Yoga isn’t just about getting into a pose on your mat.
There are 8 pillars of Yoga and asana (poses) is just one of the eight.

As yogis ourselves, we find that the further we progress in our practice,
the more we notice subtle elements of Yoga present in our everyday lives.

The Plus

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Yoga+ explores the multitude of possibilities brought about by the yoga practice.
By cultivating a mindful physical practice through our group classes, the studio provides
opportunities for individuals to explore beyond the mat through collaborations and partnerships that educate and inspire. 

Here’s A Plus For You!

Yoga+ is having a Preview Week from 4 September to 10 September with each class going at a special rate of $15!
Sign up for a regular package during the Preview Week and you get 10% off just like that (;

Secure your mat here!

 Preview Week
Alright now we’re all excited!
Time for us to go book our mats (; 

Stay tuned and find out more about our Cork Yoga Mats and Blocks in our next post!

Till the next time,
Stay adventurous and never stop exploring (:


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