Pure Yoga Membership Rates and Transfers

Hi ladies! These few days have been packed with work. Meeting partners and working on.. I can’t recall. Haha. But, I was too spending time trying to figure out a more economical alternative in getting Pure Yoga Membership for my friend. Ever since getting into my own business, I’m very particular about getting good deals, or.. Maybe its something to do with age. ;) Anyway, below are the rates for your reference since people have been asking me about where I am practicing.


Here’s a summary of Pure Yoga Membership pricing (All prices exclusive of 7% GST) – For 1 studio access (Ngee Ann/Chevron):

6 Months (Unlimited) – $1104 + $150 processing fee ($75 out of $150 processing fee can be waived)

12 Months (Unlimited) – $1968 + $150 processing fee ($150 processing fee can be waived)

18 Months (Unlimited) – $2637 (processing fee waived)

24 Months (Unlimited) – $3269 (processing fee waived)


*Corporate discounts of 15% off is applicable to 18 and 24 months – Check with your company to see if you are eligible.

*UOB, HSBC, Maybank credit card has 18 months installment plans

*DBS, POSB, Citibank credit card has 12 months installment plans


And by exploring a more “economical” way, I thought of getting a transfer of membership if someone isn’t using his/hers anymore. Went to forums and there are a lot trying to transfer their memberships.

Terms and Conditions

The transferor needs to give a medical proof that he/she is unfit for yoga for a substantial period (10 months etc), OR company proof that he/she is relocating to overseas for good.

The transferee needs to have zero records with Pure. He/she cannot be a current member, ex member, or even attended trial in Pure before. They will verify via name, contact number and IC.



Not much hope in getting a cheaper alternative if you want to go for a good studio like Pure. I re-contracted mine because I had a corporate discount of 15%. If not, the price is pretty steep. No wonder I see mostly tai tais, expats and more senior working adults there.

That’s all. *yes, I find it ridiculous too that membership cannot be transferred to anyone who had a trial class there before. Who will sign up without attending trial~~ But that’s their policy to make money and sustain the business.

That’s all the information I have for you all. Do note all these points before you sign up for the trial classes ok – once you have a record there, no accepting of others’ membership transfers. ;)

Signing off with love,


This article consists of personal knowledge and opinion only and should not be used as the actual rate during sign up with Pure Yoga.