Dealing with Singpost’s Lost Mails

We do have customers asking us to check on their parcel status even though they have opt for normal mailing. But there is no way we can track it for you without a tracking code on hand. The probability of Vivre’s lost mails since opening is 0.6 percent. Since lost mail is pretty rare, most will just absorb the risk and not register their mail.

Our advice here is to opt for Registered Mail if you need us to take responsibility. Should you purchase more than $100 in a single invoice, we have decided to throw in free Registered Mail for you. Because we really feel as bad if your mail is lost….

Below is  a helpful article we took from:, which gives you a clear idea on what happens behind the scenes when it comes to mail delay.

When your mail goes missing (whether you’re a seller or a buyer), you’re pretty much helpless, especially when it is through normal mail which Singpost can’t do much about. Registered mail, though it cost a little more, provides an ease of mind as the mail’s delivery path will be completely tracked.

Smaller Mail: Letters/Flat parcels
Delivering smaller mail is straightforward. The postman will simply drop it into your letterbox. If mail in this category do not arrive as expected, it’s due to:

1. The recipient’s address does not exist.
If that’s the case, the mail will be routed back to the sender if there’s a return address. This takes up to 10 working days.

2. The recipient’s address is wrong (leads to someone else instead).
Your mail will land in someone else’s hands, and chances of getting it back is very, very slim. Even if you’ve written a return address, most people won’t bother returning your mail.

3. The recipient’s address is correct, but the postman delivers it to the wrong address.
If the mail is delivered to the wrong letterbox in the same neighbourhood, you’ll still have a chance, although slim.

Large/bulky Mail
Large mail wouldn’t fit into the typical mailbox, so the postman will deliver it directly to the recipient’s doorstep. If no one is at home at the time of delivery, the mail will be routed to the nearest post office, with a delivery advice slipped under the recipient’s door.

Occasionally, the postman might have difficulty slipping the delivery advice under the door due to obstruction (eg. houses with animals might have additional metal grilles to keep the pets in). If this is the case, the delivery advice will be inserted into the recipient’s mailbox (immediate) or mailed to the recipients house (additional 2-3 working days’ delay). *Do note that there will be times when the postman forgets/don’t bother to slip in the delivery advice. Without a delivery advice, you can still collect you item at the nearest post office with your Identification Card.

When the mail reaches the post-office, the recipient has roughly 5 working days to collect it on-site (with their delivery advice and IC).

If the mail is still not collected, the mail will be re-routed to Singapore Post Centre in Paya Lebar for subsequent handling. Once at Singapore Post Centre, uncollected mail with return addresses will be mailed back to the sender. (Time taken for processing and re-routing generally takes an additional 5 working days.) Those without return addresses will be stored at their lost mail department for an unspecified period of time before they are eventually disposed.

If your parcel has not arrived by the expected time:

1. Look out for a delivery advice.
This will be under your door or in your mailbox. If you have not received a delivery advice, wait out for an additional 3 working days.

2. If the seller has included a return address, just wait.
Chances of mail retrieval are higher is the seller has included a return address. Although it takes up to 15 working days for the above-mentioned mail routing to take place. Ask the seller to alert you if the mail is returned to his/her place.

3. All 3 possibilities listed for smaller mail apply.

Tips when sending return mails to us
1. Include a return address. (Can’t emphasize this enough.)

2. Write the recipient’s address and your return address in permanent black/blue ink. (If your mail gets soaked in the rain and your ink is not permanent, the address will no longer be legible!)

3. Seal your parcel tightly, this means masking tape over all the flaps and other areas that could possibly break open.

4. If you’re sending out a higher-valued item, take a photo of the parcel before you send it out. (It helps should you need to describe the parcel to that bewildered, confused-looking counter staff at Singpost.)


That’s about it. At Vivre, we really put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and try to get your items to you as soon as possible. But lost mails are inevitable, and we hope for your kind understanding and patience in the event that we have to hope for it to find it’s way back to us… (:

Credits of the article: Brenda Nicole Tan

What happen if you don’t receive a registered mail from Vivre?

Check for your registered code that we sent via email or login to your account and check for our notes under your orders. Track where is it exactly at Singpost.

What happen if you don’t receive a normal (non-registered mail) from Vivre?

Check the following if there is at least 7 working days from the time you received “Your order is complete” email.

  1. Has anyone staying in the same residential address received the parcel or delivery advice slip?
  2. Is there any pet at the residential address?
  3. Have you check your letter box?
  4. For office address, has anyone in the office received the parcel or delivery advice slip?
  5. Has anyone checked the letter box?

Additionally, please do not post to a shared office address as a stranger may receive it on your behalf or the postman will mark it as an incomplete address. We once had an order to be sent to a shared office. Glad that it was returned back to us and well, the customer was on us for the whole 2 weeks, until I asked if she had received any parcel with the address she used in the order. (Think it’s her first time ordering for her new shared office address)

If your answer is “Yes” to all 5 above, then it’s time to contact us, just to let us know to look out for your parcel.

ps: We had 1 order (non-registered) that was sent to Singpost on 23 Nov 17 and received by customer on 15 Dec 17.
pps: I will recommend everyone to opt for registered mail as it will be delivered to you quicker and you will always know where it is.