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Its a brand new month! And here is our quick summary of our September.


Together with the support of Anwar from Sadhana Sanctuary, we hosted our very first yoga challenge. Thank you to the other sponsors who trusted us to do the job, and also fellow leading yogis who came on-board to join us. The final event will be on 4th October, and we will blog more about it post-event! Below are some flashback of the challenge.



Vivre brought in Yoga Paws in September, and it has been selling like hot cakes! Opened a backorder because we received requests for the mini sizes and also in other colors. Feel free to let us know if there are any other props you would like us to bring in! Yogi Hana had also kindly agreed to a photoshoot with Anwar and us despite her packed schedule. These pictures are so out of the world gorgeous! You can read more about it at this link.



We are off the racks at Sadhana Sanctuary, and are back focusing solely online for the time being. Besides selling at, we have also listed our store at Zalora Marketplace. Zalora only features unique and reputable brands with their own labels, and thus we are very honored to join the big family! Of course, we will still prefer customers to shop directly from our website here so that we do not incur commission + we can offer better customer service when you purchase from us direct. But well, if you have credits with Zalora, and is a frequent shopper there, do pay us a visit! (:



And.. Our new logo is out! Isn’t it just so sleek and pretty? It was done by one of our closest uni friend. Although I have emphasized we do not have a big budget, and having something simple will suffice, she still put in her 100% to do it for us, coming up with variations and helping to perfect it. The one on the left will be printed in our apparels, and the one on the right is the full logo! Too much love for them. <3



It has been neglected in September. Membership has just ended, and I have decided to renew it with the current studio (Pure Yoga) since that is where I find peace and sense of belonging whenever I’m on the mat. I’ve thought of switching to studios whom Vivre works closely with, but guess it will be better to separate work and practices totally. (:

That’s about it that we can remember! Signing off,

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– Sylvia, Vivre Active Wear