Tips in Picking the Right Yoga Studio


I started taking my first yoga class when I was 17 at a community club. Prices were relatively cheap, approx. $7 per lesson. Down sides were the inflexible timing, lack of heated room and shower facilities. After completion of the basic course, I picked up books from the library and started doing my yoga practices at home. This requires tonnes of discipline for though, as there is no timing to adhere to, and I will not push myself as far through the practice.

Now, with the robust number of yoga studios growing in Singapore, we can easily pick one good enough for us. Some of the factors I take into consideration will be:

1) Class schedules

Do you prefer your morning yoga before work or during lunch break? Do you workout during off peak hours instead? Plan out your schedule and see if your favourite classes are offered during the specific time.

2) Location

Besides making sure it is near your home/workplace, other issues like parking fees and public transport availability should be taken into consideration. I can be paying $10 more per session for parking fee if I were to park in town for my yoga classes.

3) Cost

Divide the monthly cost by the number of classes you aim to attend per month. I’d rather pay a higher rate for a more extensive schedule and better location so I will be able to attend more classes.

4) Facilities

Make a trip down to take a look at the shower rooms and studios. You do not want to be queuing for shower rooms when you are in a rush to go for work. Also, take a look if they provide hair dryers, towels, yoga mats for use etc. Make sure they are clean enough for your comfort.

5) Instructors

It will be beneficial to train with more than one yoga teacher. Some of the points you can look out for would be their concern for safety, clear instructions, and the positive vibes he/she engages us in.

 6) Attend Free Trials

Lastly, enquire for free trials before signing up. You will naturally pick the yoga studio you feel most comfortable in after 2-3 trial sessions.



Below are some of the bigger yoga studios I personally prefer, and also heard great reviews from my peers. The staffs are friendly and are not pushy in selling you packages.

Pure Yoga Location: Ngee Ann City/ Chevron House

Pure Yoga Collage

Updog Studio Location: East Coast Parkway/ Turf Club Road

Updog Studio 3 Collage

Hom Yoga Location: Orchard Central/ Raffles Place

Hom Yoga Collage


Have fun!

Photo Credits: Absolute Yoga, Pure Yoga, Updog Studio, Hom Yoga