Hi everyone,

  1. It’s our biggest annual clearance sale for the fifth year and I’m anticipating lots of excitement from everyone! I seek your understanding to read through some possible situations that we may encounter.
  2. All checkouts are final. No exchange of colour/size/design.
  3. Update of shipping address/method may be possible before your order is ‘complete’. Packed parcels are not organised in any way, it will take too much effort to locate a single parcel in a ‘mountain’.
  4. Only PayPal, stripe and credit card payment are accepted during the sale period.
  5. There may be duplicated checkouts on the last (new) piece or inventory error. In this case, we will issue a refund on item unfulfilled while honouring the rest of the order with your choice of delivery. A $10 apparel coupon code will be issued for affected customer/order at the end of the sale.
  6. It is up to our discretion to combine your orders for shipping. No refund of shipping topped up will be issued. 
  7. All DHL orders will be accompanied with the orders’ invoices for tax declaration.

PS: For those who have bought the apparels on sale after 10 Sept 2019 at original retail price, you may wish to email us to get a coupon code of the price difference. This is applicable only if your specific SKU is in the sale list. (In some cases, your colour/size is not available for sale as it has been sold out before the sale). Include your order number and product name/colour/size in the email.

I wish all of you an enjoyable shopping experience with us.