Vivre's First Retail Store

Here’s a catch-up post on Vivre opening her first ever retail store. The thoughts of opening a store had been put aside time and time again to minimize the risks we had to take. And this year early March 2015, we happened to spot a space that seems to be suitable, and thought that it might be about time we give it a go! Yup, it was a really fast decision and I’m now typing away in a store so comfy and cozy.

Here’s some pictures to share in case it missed it at my dayre (sylviaaajiaa) or Vivre’s instagram!

Vivre Retail Collage 1

How the shop looks like the very first time we chance upon it. Pretty run down from the ceiling, walls, to floor..! Had zero clue about where to start, but our main concern was to keep cost low. So, yup, decided on basic paint work and keep the rest of the decor that was available.

Vivre Retail Collage 2

 My love for everything blue~ It makes me feel like I’m floating in the sky, ocean etc. so its quite refreshing!

 Vivre Retail Collage 3

And we decided to spend a little on the flooring. Lush green grass – super love! Bonus that we won’t have to mop the floor anymore, just vacuum! ;)

Vivre Retail Collage 4And of course we needed some help and entertainment here and there to warm the place up!

And within a week, our store was ready! Soft launched it for business but we still can’t decide if a grand opening is necessary. It’s a tiny space of 100 sq ft, no idea how to accommodate guests! So yup, please do drop by whenever you like even if we did not organize an official opening! We are really a no-frills kinda brand. :)

Vivre Retail Collage 7

Thank you lovely family and friends for the lovely flowers although the security isn’t a fan of these. And yup, you can find beautiful handmade malas, semi-precious stones bracelets by Ohmywaves at the store too!

Vivre Retail Collage 5Do request for pictures anytime you like too!

Left to right: Zonia Raymond, Zoe Raymond, Angie aka Sassyyogi.

Vivre Retail Collage 6Left to Right: Sara Wee, Limaran Agustina, Pamela Yeo aka Uyuteaparty

Thank you all for dropping by, and customers who came down to congratulate us. Thank you all for being in this journey with Vivre! (:

Lotsa love,

Sylvia, Vivre Active Wear