Wash Your Activewear with Care!

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Why is there special care needed?

The fabric used for sports wear, although are designed for rugged use, are delicate when it comes to washing and are sensitive to direct high heat (and in case you are wondering.. no, hot yoga room is far from ruining your apparels). By following the tips below, it will prolong the moisture-wicking and strength of your active-wear.

1) Prevent Odor

Wash sportswear as soon as possible after wearing and sweating in it. Do not let it sit in your bag or tub for too long, allowing mud and sweat to dry in and grass stains to set.

2) Turn Garment Inside Out

This is to keep the outer layer from rubbing against other rougher fabric (or velcro, zippers, sides of the washing machine etc). Turning the garment inside out to hang dry will also preserve the outer layer’s color (this is because heat fades color, and thus bright apparels might start to look worn out – best to practice minimizing direct heat for too long).

3) Choose the Right Detergent

There are certain detergent that sell themselves as active-wear laundry detergent (milder, and maybe without too much added chemicals in it). However, if you do not see the need to invest in such detergents (like myself), you can try what we use. So far it hasn’t been spoiling our apparels (but maybe it’s the method of washing too, so do continue reading).


4) Avoid softeners and bleaching chemicals

Commercial fabric softeners do not break down fabrics. They actually protect them by “sealing” down the fibers. Commercial fabric softeners work by coating fabric fibers with resins to make them feel softer.

Active wear’s fabric are designed to allow breath-ability, letting perspiration escape, and made to be strong enough to withstand stretching. By coating them with these extra chemicals, it can have a negative effect on the moisture management and also the strength of fabric.


5) Do not Soak for Prolonged Period

Remove clothes from machine at the end of cold wash cycle. Note not to soak your apparels for too long (e.g more than 1 hour) in water. If your detergent used is too strong, it might be damaging to the fabric – which in turn cause breakage or color run.

6) Hang Dry

Hang dry/tumble dry them right after each wash.

7) Do Not Iron

Unlike the above, which are just recommendations to prolong the life of your active wear, this point is a firm no. These moisture-wicking synthetic fabric have very different qualities to your usual cotton apparels. Once ironed with high heat, the delicate fabric will melt a little, causing it to be crumpled and burnt.

In anyway, these fabric will straighten themselves up upon drying, folding them neatly and wearing them on (So yay! It irons out itself)!

Sometimes, if there is a a real need to iron  them.. For photo-shoots.. or to rid of some stubborn crease, remember to turn your iron/steamer to the lowest heat possible. Or place another thin piece of cotton fabric above it to iron over.


8) Bra Cups

By removing the bra cups when washing will help to keep its shape. Simply hand-wash them in cool or warm water and lay them to dry. You can also purchase additional ones at our website ($5 a pair) here.

That’s about it!

Fret not if you don’t follow all of them previously – its never too late that you know them now!

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Signing off,

Sylvia, Vivre Active