Yoga Wheel Class @ Platinum Yoga Review

Across the globe, yoga wheel is still the latest obsession of all yoga props! This time round, thanks to the lovely folks at Platinum Yoga, I get to try their Yoga Wheel class with my friend, Christine.

Facilities @ Platinum Yoga Suntec City Mall

Upon arrival at Platinum Yoga Suntec City Mall, we were greeted by a friendly receptionist, who proceeded to sign us in to Yoga Wheel class within 5 minutes. As first-timers, we agreed that the hospitality extended was welcoming (which is very important) because we didn’t feel awkward despite being in an entirely new environment.

We were shown around the studio, from the retail arm just beside the reception area, to the waiting area just outside the 2 main Yoga Studios, Fire and Air. Fire room, as the name suggests, is mainly for hot classes like Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates, and is great for individuals who are looking for a practice to lose weight. Air room, on the other hand, hosts other non-hot and in-the-air classes like Aerial Yoga, Rope Yoga and Yoga Wheel classes. The room is fully equipped with yoga props, ranging from yoga blocks to yoga wheels, hammocks and wall ropes as expected. They also have a Personal Training room for private practices.

The Air room where we attended the Yoga Wheel class is sizeable and can hold up to slightly more than 20 mats. It felt very cozy when we set foot in the room with the semi-warm lightings.

Behind the door leading to the female changing room, you will be first greeted with a wall full of lockers. In my honest opinion, I would expect the changing/shower room to be more spacious because it does get difficult to move around the shower cubicles and dressing area, especially during the overlap period in between classes. We do understand as it’s the weekday evening peak period.

Yoga Wheel Class @ Platinum Yoga Suntec City Mall

Christine and I attended the Yoga Wheel class by Dr. Yogi. Being newbies in a prop-based class, we were pretty excited!

To sum it up:


  • Clear demonstrations were given before we get into the moves.
  • During execution, Dr. Yogi would constantly walk around the class to adjust your alignments and motivate you.
  • Class was enjoyable with small jokes in between.
  • Great for people with tight shoulders, back and joints!
  • Exploration of inversions with the aid of a Yoga Wheel.


  • Sweat level was minimum due to the low-impact motions.
  • Better articulation of words to deliver clearer instructions.
  • Lack of background music.

I would highly recommend beginners to try out the Yoga Wheel class, especially if you are looking for a more dynamic practice sesh. I could really feel my back opening up, and it was refreshing exploring basic postures (e.g. Sun Salutation) with the introduction of the Yoga Wheel as a prop.


To allow more starters like Christine and I to try out the prop-based class like Yoga Wheel, the squad at Platinum Yoga has generously opened up a class for our customers!

Here are the details:

Yoga Wheel 1
29 July 2017 (Sat)
1 Marine Parade Central, Parkway Centre, #13-09, Singapore 449408

Simply book the class via our website link here, where the classes are priced at $10/class.

Upon completion of the class, we will be giving you, in return, a $10 Vivre voucher that can be used at our physical stores at Wisma or Bugis!

Intrigued to try something different, or finding a new environment to unwind near your office or home? Then this is your chance.

For more information on Platinum Yoga, you can visit their website @